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Jack's Story

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Jack's Story


August 11th, 2015 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

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where are his legs

where are his legs

with my sister and her mummy

with my sister and her mummy



Today we held some agility training in our paddock

In no uncertain terms Jack let us know how unfair it was that he couldn’t join in, not that he has ever done agility its just that it involves tennis balls for rewards and every tennis ball is his, no one else is allowed one – he says!

Everyone is right, he doesn’t know how bad things are just that his leg hurts, as you watch him trotting round the paddock with the occasional gallop after the rabbits making your heart miss a beat thinking of the consequences of him falling. It is very noticeable though that he protects the poorly leg by lifting it up when he is running, only using it when he is going more slowly and needs the confidence of using four legs.

Ultimately though, he is very happy and now the effects of the two anaesthetics he had last week for X-Rays and biopsies he is totally back to himself with his happily wagging tail and noisy protests at not being able to join in with the fun.


after my biopsy

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  • benny55

    I just adore Jack…and all his pals!!!

    I know this is frustrating for you and Jack. It is far more emotionally draining for you than Jack though! The bliss of “being dog”!

    Amputation is major surgery and, like all surgery, it has a risk…and recovery is no pocnic.

    That said, Jack is a very stooc dog and if he’s holding his leg up, it hurts!! You will be so pleased with how well Jack does without that leg!

    I think you were given links to Bart and to Maggie on your post in the forums. Two very athletic dogs who continued to do their “sport” with joy and and a “no holes barred” attitude!!

    We’re all right by your side and we understand like no others can!

    Now go give Jack some extra treats, watch him wag and just know that all is well in Jack”s world

    Thanks for the great pictures! Jack and his pack are very photogenic! They clearly are loved and have a great life!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  • mushyeva

    we never had any tests done before our decision to amputate. they did a full biopsy after the amputation and found osteo deep inside the bone aside from the tumor. something they wouldn’t have known without the amputation (they had to take off an extra chunk of femur once they got in there because the tumor had little tendrils trying to poke into it.) Our bone surgeon saw Eva post op and consulted with the oncologist deciding that regardless of what was in her leg, the leg was too weak to stand on anyway. We could figure the rest out later. Since pretty boy Jack is still weight bearing it appears, I definitely wouldn’t just rush into an amp. But I’m sure you are doing the best you can for your furbaby!!! Feel free to read my first blog post to hear about our steps to decide to amputate. Will be keeping up with your blog and your family! Good thoughts all around from Eva and Bowie and I!

    • jackdog

      That’s interesting Eva and Bowie

      Jack really isn’t using the bad leg much anymore, it gets worse each day. In a way it would be nice to get this done and dusted but I guess the vets want to be very sure what is going on before the surgery

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