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Jack's Story

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Jack's Story


August 14th, 2015 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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My human parents are getting fed up, it seems the labs can’t get a definitive answer to what is wrong with me, ah well I’m happy enough because I can run very fast as long as I remember my sore leg is really quite sore. I do seem to be better running with it lifted up because then it doesn’t hurt me so much.
Anyway I got pretty cross this afternoon when all the others went out round the paddock and I got left behind, I let them know very very loudly just how fed up I was, turned out it was OK because I then had a lovely walk on my own and we went to find some blackberries for me to eat – yum yum I do like eating the blackberries straight from the bushes.

Funny thing today with Pepper, she has decided that she doesn’t like being kept in the pen with the rest of us (we need to be in oneĀ at the moment as we are having a new house being built and it’s not safe for us to be out and about in the garden when no people can watch us), anyway she climbed out of the pen 3 times today which is a bit surprising since she normally sleeps all day and doesn’t do silly things like that, that’s what Finn does. Goodness knows why she has suddenly decided to go walk about, maybe its because she’s a bit bonkers! whatever the humans were not too impressed and are now thinking of a way to make her safe again but able to walk about a bit rather than being in a crate all the time, what a silly girl. This is a picture of Pepper, she is 12 now.



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  • murphythedingo

    Hi Jack! I am sorry you are having trouble getting answers from the lab, I am also experiencing something similar. I hope your find more out soon!

  • jerry

    Oh Jack, we hope they find what’s wrong, very soon. I know you must be going batty like Pepper, I would too!

    Keep us posted OK Sweetie? May you enjoy all the blackberries you want, you sure deserve them.

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